Clip-on You Portable Fan


Clip-on You Portable Fan

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  • Type: Portable Fan
  • Availability: In Stock

Clip-on You Portable Fan

    • Specification
    • Power supply mode: USB
    • Rated voltage: DC5V/800mAh
    • Rated power: about 2.1W
    • Rated frequency: No specific
    • Noise: 36dB or Less
    • Timing function: No timing
    • Wind selection: Natural Wind
    • Maximum power: about 2.1W
    • Operation Mode: Mechanical
    • Speed adjustment gear: Third gear
    • Lifting fixed: Rotary
    • Energy efficiency rating: Level 2
    • Air supply type: Natural Wind
    • Control Type: Button

    Package Content: Portable FanX1

    The internally configured 900mAh large-capacity polymer lithium battery can work continuously for 5 hours.
    The Type-c interface of USB charging removes the need to worry about the problems of insufficient power.
    The flexible clip design helps to easily clip the fan to the chest, waist, backpack, and other places.
    The adjustable wind direction capabilities guarantee a cooler experience.
    The cleverly designed parts structure reduces the volume of the fan as much as possible, making it more convenient to carry.


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