Keratin Thicker Anti Hair Loss Product


Keratin Thicker Anti Hair Loss Product

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  • Type: Hair Care
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Description :

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Keratin Thicker :

Hair keratin thicker and anti-hair loss products are designed to improve the thickness and density of hair while reducing hair loss. These products typically contain ingredients that nourish the hair follicles, strengthen the hair strands, and promote healthy hair growth. Here is a breakdown of the key features and ingredients often found in these products

  1. Keratin: Hair keratin thicker products contain keratin, a protein that is naturally found in hair. Keratin helps strengthen the hair shaft, adds volume, and enhances overall hair health.

  2. Biotin: Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a common ingredient in hair care products. It is believed to promote hair growth, prevent hair breakage, and improve the thickness and texture of the hair.

  3. D-Panthenol: D-Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is commonly used in hair care products for its moisturizing and conditioning properties. It can help improve hair elasticity and reduce breakage.

  4. Scalp-stimulating ingredients: Certain products may include ingredients like peppermint oil or menthol, which provide a cooling sensation and help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Overview :

  • Adapt to the symptoms:
  • Various types of hair loss. Including seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, and postpartum alopecia, both male and female patients can be used.
  • 1. Organize your hair well. The hair must be dry before use. Do not use any styling agents.
  • 2. Open the jar, tilt the net mouth down at a 45-degree angle, and gently shake it in the thinning part to make the fiber slide evenly onto the hair until the scalp is not visible.
  • 3. Grab all the hair by hand and help it spread out so that the fiber completely penetrates into the bottom layer of the hair. Do not use a comb, it will affect the adsorption of static electricity.
  • 4, as long as 30 seconds, you can see the effect of pure hair and additional hair. Gently spray the styling agent to protect the styling for better results. Do not touch the styling agent until it has dried out.
  • 5. Use the lid tightly and store it in a wet place.
  • 6. Applicator will purchase separately

Specification :

  • Product Name: Hair Building Fiber 25g
  • Quality guarantee period: 3 years
  • Effect: Top hair building fibers will assist you to build a natural fuller head of hair in seconds.
  • Usage method: Suitable for wonmen and Men.
  • 1 Style: Including 9 Applicator, one each: 25g LT blonde, 25g MED BROWN, 25g black, 25g dark brown, 25g golden blonde, 25g grey, 25g light brown, 25g white, Golden Med blonde in 25g
  • 2 Style: Including 9 Applicator, two for each: 25g LT blonde, 25g MED BROWN, 25g black, 25g dark brown, 25g golden blonde, 25g grey, 25g light brown, 25g white, Golden Med blonde in 25g each Two each

Package Content :

  • 1* Hair Building Fiber