Face Mask Pore Cleansing Stick


Face Mask Pore Cleansing Stick

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 Face Mask Pore Cleansing Stick

The product adopts a rotating head design, just take off the cover, rotate the mask out, and then apply it on the face as needed.

Charcoal Solid:: Mask contains charcoal extract and active ingredients, which can effectively remove impurities, dirt, blackheads, toxins and blemishes,

Blackhead Formula:  has a unique strong absorption and deep cleansing function. Long-term use can remove dull surface cells, stubborn stains or oil spots on the face, and make the pores smaller.

Vitamin C solid mask: contains VC extract, the texture of the mud mask is fine, it can brighten the complexion, remove yellow  deeply clean to remove dirt, replenishes skin moisture, and nourishes the skin. thus Improving skin condition leading to healthy skin.


  • Quick cleansing, anytime and anywhere, 
  • Moisturize, control oil and shrink pores leaves your skin glowing
  • Effectively replenish skin moisture, balance skin oils, reduce the appearance of blackheads, improve skin dullness, brighten skin tone, smooth skin and increase skin elasticity.
  • Suitable for traveling, wherever.you go