Lint Eliminator-Battery/USB Operated


Lint Eliminator-Battery/USB Operated

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  • Type: Lint Remover
  • Availability: In Stock

Lint Eliminator-Battery/USB Operated

  • Product size: 145x62x65mm
  • Product color: White
  • Input parameters: 5V==1A Rated
  • Voltage: DC3.7V Rated
  • Power: 2W Executive Standard:
  • GB 4706.1-2005 GB 4706.9 2008 GB 4343.1 2018
  • Description: Cyclone floating cutter head Thickened micro-arc protective cloth mesh Deep cleaning does not destroy clothing
  • Anti-backflow air duct design to avoid getting dirty USB charging, 2 hours full charged, can last 90 minutes
  • Features: 0.35mm thickened micro-arc steel mesh Reasonably optimized mesh design, avoid pressing deformation, fit the clothes without damage.
  • 5 blades cyclone floating head Accurately grinding, improve shear effect, high-efficiency shear.
  • Strong suction, avoid shaving dirty Negative pressure centrifugal fan blades design so that the wool easily inhaled.
  • P-shaped backflow proof wind duct design to prevent the reflow of fluff. 1300mAh lithium battery design Quick charging in 2 hours can use for 90 minutes.
  • Equipped with USB charging interface, compatible with the market mainstream adapter, charging treasure, computer for charging. Double protection, safe & convenient
  • Disassemble the trimmer headcover or open the fuzz bin, the machine will immediately power off, stop working, to avoid accidental injury.
  • Hidden indicator light
  • Electric quantity indicator lamp adopts hidden design, indicating machine working and electric quantity status, simple and beautiful. Fuzz bin visible window design
  • Easy to check whether the fuzz in the bin needs to be cleaned, reduce the repeated opening to check.
  • Cleaning brush Cleaning small brush uses a long handle design, clean the small position such as trimming head, fuzz bin more convenient

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